I fell hard
And my bones shattered like glass.

As I watched my pieces scatter,
I realized that my mistake was
Trusting you.

I didn’t fall.
You dropped me.

-Jowelle M.

Another World

Away from the rush,

Away from the commotion,

There is a forest

Where the sun shines gold and pure,

Where the leaves whisper softly in the crisp, fresh breeze.

Another world.

A world of peace.

Where I lie in serenity.


-Jowelle M.


I want to build a bridge across the ocean that I can walk across to see you. I’ll build it high and tall with my love. It would survive every hurricane, every earthquake, every storm. We will walk across it and meet in the middle, build a bench and just sit and talk. At the end of the day, I’ll be sad to part ways. But the bridge will always be there connecting you with me.

-Jowelle M.

Stories of the Stars

She doesn’t know why she is wide awake at night, but she sits under the black sky and looks at the silver stars. Her body is heavy on the cold, damp earth and gravity tells her muscles to relax. Slowly, she begins to let go and lay back. Her spine aligns; she breathes.

She could stay out here forever under this black sky. The silence of the night lets her listen to what is hidden during the day. She hears the stars singing, telling the stories of their lives. The stars see so much and their songs never end, and she wants to hear it all before the daylight.

She thinks this is why she is wide awake at night, to hear the stories of the stars. The stars know her, the stars hear her. She doesn’t have to worry because the stars will be there to sing to her and help her see through a night under a black sky.

-Jowelle M.


Image source: Flickr


I wrote this poem in response to the recent police violence in the U.S. The events of the last week have burned down bridges, but instead I want to focus on how these bridges can be saved and even reconstructed.


Peace begins when we build the world together.

Peace begins when each voice is heard and cherished.

Peace begins when we see each other as human.

Peace begins when we feel each other’s joy and sorrow.

Peace begins when we put down our weapons and pick up tools.

Peace begins when we offer love, empathy, compassion, and forgiveness.

Peace begins when we look past the superficial and the artificial in search of something lasting and real.

Peace begins when we open gates and borders.

Peace begins when we come together as neighbors and friends.

Peace begins when we speak with and share with each other.

Peace begins when we have a common goal.  

Peace begins when we are one.

Peace begins today.

-Jowelle M.


Image source: Flickr